Where to Buy?

Update on August 15th 2014:

Here’s a list of some of our retailers around the globe. Unfortunately we have sold out on our own stock so we can’t sell through our webshop yet, but we will get more stock in beginning of October. Until then, please check out any of the retailers listed below. Please note that in some cases the candles have sold out already, and in other cases they might not be in stock yet. We will update this list again soon.

Firebox , www.firebox.com (UK)
Urban Outfitters UK/Europe, http://urbanoutfitters.co.uk/ – (from August)
Prezzybox, www.prezzybox.com (UK)
UncommonGoods http://www.uncommongoods.com/ (USA)
Betty Blue, http://www.bettyblueamsterdam.nl/, (Holland)
Black Butter, Marseille, http://www.blackbutter.fr/, (France)
Cortina, Amsterdam, http://www.cortina.nl/ (Holland)
VERAMEAT http://www.verameat.com/ (USA)
Matryoshka Tattoo http://www.nototattoo.com/ (USA)
Hunting Ground http://www.shophuntingground.com/ (USA)
VAT19.com (USA)
Outgrow.me (USA)
Polysh Co Ltd (Taiwan)
Indked shop http://www.inkedshop.com/ (USA)
Onceit Ltd, http://www.onceit.co.nz/ (New Zealand)
Opuszone Design & Cadeaux http://www.opuszone.com/ (Canada)
The Uncommons http://www.theuncommons.ca/ (Canada)
Rebel Circus http://www.rebelcircus.com/ (USA)
Red 5 Retail Ltd, www.red5.co.uk (UK)
Bergo Designs http://bergo.ca/ (Canada)
Docht & Wachs http://www.dochtundwachs.com/ (Austria)
Rose Rose sprl (Belgium)
Tragic Beautiful http://www.tragicbeautiful.com/ (Australia)


Wild & Domestic https://www.wildanddomestic.com/
Galeerie Luise Seyfarth http://re-galerie.de/
Der Schone Laden, Berlin
DMF Products / 2211 Essentials Luxuries
getDigital.de http://www.getdigital.de/
Heimat Berlin / luxus International


Hrím Hönnunarhús
Aurum Icelandic Design


If you are a retailer and would like to sell Kisa in your shop, then please drop us an email at: sales@pyropetcandles.com. We look foward to hearing from you!